About Draconic

Welcome! Draconic is OSRS Based server, We currently have 9 Minigames, 23 Bosses, Quests, Achievements, Location diaries. We have 22 fully working skills to choose from. Frequent Updates and fixes as we are still in a semi beta stage. if you have any suggestion feel free to post them on the 

Iforums.  Only trust players with staff icons next to there names in chat.


Most Recent updates. 

  • Little client rework - Changed The orbs around 

  • Added 5 New quests - Cook's assistant, Doric's Quest, Gertrudes cat, Help The Healer and Once upon A Dragon.

  • Fixed A few of the doors and ladders around the map.

  • Fixed gnome Agility course wouldn't give xp if u were standing in certain places.

  • added a few new point systems 

  • fixed a bug in trading post.

Coming soon

Things being work on / added

  • Custom construction skill being work on - zequx

  • More unique quests

  • osrs game mode x5 xp (xp not exact)

  • most shops redone

  • bugs